Jesus Is Not Safe

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The last thing Jesus is, is safe?

You need to know that about Jesus, he's not safe. He's not house trained.

He's not trying to fit in.

He's not one of us.

He's not born again and he's not a Christian.

He's not.

We think he's one of us, meaning he's all those things but he's none of those things, 

He's Jesus.

He's ok with that stuff, but that's not who he is.

And if we make him that and then he pops up in another identity different to that.

We say that's not God.

Jesus suffered with that all his life from people that decided how he should look before he arrived.

We need a messy room I think in our lives and churches. 

Transitions are messy, handing over what we're doing to next-generation. 

It's a mess, let it be a mess.

Let transition be messy, where it needs to be messy.

For a season before we over tidying it too soon. 

When we tidy a thing too soon. 

We deny it, it's evolution.

We deny it,...

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Finding Your Unique Voice

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