Breaking the self harming addiction to other people’s needs. 

Join me Wednesday 24th July at 2 pm UK time.

1hr with Q&A and including replay. 

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Awaken to your

 Authentic Self. 

Paul Scanlon

You have a voice and you have a story.

Let me help you find and develop your unique strength to its most authentic version.

Mentorship - Communication - Leadership.

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Consulting With Paul.

Have you thought about having Paul speak into your organisation or team, these are the 3 areas he specialises in and he will create a bespoke package that suits your needs.


Your company is already talking, the question is who’s listening and what are they hearing?

I’ve invested decades in helping individuals and companies find their voice and I’ll help you find yours.

Cultural Engineering

Vision is your values but culture is your behaviour.

We don’t care about your vision we care about your behaviour.


Growing great leaders is my passion.

There isn’t a lack of leaders there’s an absence of how to find and attract them and that’s my sweet spot.

I’m Paul, thank you for stopping by.
I’ve been a public speaker all over the world for 40+ years with a focus on communication, leadership, cultural engineering and self awareness.

People have described me as...
An awakener, liberator, light bearer,
A soul GPS, merchant of hope,
A Simplifier of complex things.

My WHY is to awaken you to your authentic self. 

I want to empower you and your organisation to flourish in all areas of your life.

I'd love for you to explore connecting with me through my mentorship or consulting services. 

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