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The Mentorship Group

The Mentorship Group has everything you need to develop & grow yourself with access to Paul Scanlon's monthly live Group Mentorship sessions. And for a fraction of the cost of 1-on-1 mentorship.

This group meets together every first Monday of the month at 10am and 4pm UK*

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Rich insight into a range of different subjects that will empower you to live a bigger, more influential life. 


More than one hundred hours of resources on communication, leadership, people and much more...

The Mentorship Group

The Mentorship Group opens the door for amazing personal development. Collaborate with others as you learn a plan for making better decisions

Learn the secrets to impactful public speaking & master the techniques to become a confident communicator.

This course focuses on how you can create a sustainable, long-running career as a public speaker by providing solutions to the most challenging aspects of the job, from cognitive biases to receiving feedback, being disliked, managing emotional investments and outgrowing your audience.


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View all of Paul's courses including Ageing Well, Servant Leadership,  Prosperity of The Soul and more. Designed to help you discover and develop your untapped potential in an easy to follow online format.


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