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The Guide by your side,

on the road back to you.


Let Paul Scanlon be your Guide.

With his 40+ years experience in guiding and awakening people to their authentic self to become better versions of themselves and get out all that's within them.

Paul will be your Guide on these main values.

Are you ready?

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You want to find, sculpt and outwork your unique why. 

Love the journey you're on, not just the destination.

Be equipped with reinvention and transition skills.

Become fluent in human. 

Recognise when you're stuck & how to get unstuck!

Break free from limiting beliefs and mindsets. 

Master boundary setting.

Become your authentic self. 


Paul wants to help you to navigate your life whatever stage you’re at primarily by reconnecting you to your own brilliant internal GPS system. He will help you not so much to find your way, but to remember it.

From his 40+ years experience as a communicator, leader, mentor and disruptive thinker he has honed his ability to make complex things simple.

Through GUIDE you will have Paul by your side to empower and upgrade you to the truest version of yourself and to stay there by equipping you with the tools to continue evolving at your own pace.

Guide will awaken and introduce you to your best most authentic self.

Because when you grow, 

everything attached to you has to grow. 

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Guide Options



Paul's focus across all he does is to be a GUIDE to individuals, businesses, NGO's & teams. 

With a focus on these 5 values you will receive exclusive & relevant content for your life.

Grace, Unify, Intuition, Design & Empower.

There are 3 options for you to journey with Paul Scanlon as a part of Guide. 

Starter is for those who want to receive exclusive content from Paul to your inbox to reflect on weekly. (Video, audio, questions etc).


You want to dive deeper into Paul's wisdom and join in for our monthly zoom experiences and be able to text him a question and have him advise direct into your life and situation.

Pro includes all starter.


For those who want to have a 1 on 1 experience with Paul, including monthly 30 min sessions and recording access. 

These mentoring sessions can be for your teams or 1on1.

Premium includes all  Starter & Pro.

Upcoming live events, will be at 4pm UK time. (Replay is limited).


Thursday: March 7th.

Thursday: April 4th.



Weekly emails from Paul including exclusive content  for GUIDE members.

Videos, audio, pdfs, questions and more.

£5.00 per month


PRO ūüß≠

All starter.

Send Paul a question.

Live monthly GUIDE events with Paul including Q&A

Replay Access.

Other currencies availableūüĎáūüŹĹ

£25.00 per month.


All starter.

All Pro!

30min monthly 1on1 sessions with Paul. 

Or choose 1hr bi monthly.

Recording of your sessions 

Other currencies availableūüĎáūüŹĹ

£250 per month.
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