Jesus Is Not Safe

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The last thing Jesus is, is safe?

You need to know that about Jesus, he's not safe. He's not house trained.

He's not trying to fit in.

He's not one of us.

He's not born again and he's not a Christian.

He's not.

We think he's one of us, meaning he's all those things but he's none of those things, 

He's Jesus.

He's ok with that stuff, but that's not who he is.

And if we make him that and then he pops up in another identity different to that.

We say that's not God.

Jesus suffered with that all his life from people that decided how he should look before he arrived.

We need a messy room I think in our lives and churches. 

Transitions are messy, handing over what we're doing to next-generation. 

It's a mess, let it be a mess.

Let transition be messy, where it needs to be messy.

For a season before we over tidying it too soon. 

When we tidy a thing too soon. 

We deny it, it's evolution.

We deny it,...

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When You Think Of The Word 'Servant'

servant leadership Nov 08, 2021

When You Think Of  'Servant' Don't Think Downton Abbey

True service comes from freedom not oppression or coercion. 

When we hear the word servant here in the western world we think it sounds like oppression and being taken advantage of. 

It conjures images of Downton Abbey and those below stairs people. 

Servanthood isn't slavery because slavery is rooted in oppression but service is rooted in love and freedom. 

Servant leaders are passionate about service, and don’t even care if others see them as oppressed. 

Oppression is being made to do something against your will but servant leaders are happy because they see serving others as their vocation and calling.

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Finding Your Unique Voice

Ways to flourish and rise above life’s challenges through effective communication and personal growth

I think it’s safe to say that 2020 has provided us all with more than enough time to examine our personal lives and what’s truly going on inside our minds. And if you’re like me, you may have found there’s a particular area or two that could use some attention.

So if you’re looking for a place to start on your personal growth journey, might I recommend taking a closer look at an area that affects almost all areas in your life? 

I believe that communication itself is a work of art - when it’s done well. 

Effective communication can unlock doors in your personal and professional life and sets the trajectory of where your life is headed. What you say and how you say it shapes the world around you and affects the people around you. This is why it’s crucial to pay attention and be intentional with growing your...

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What it Truly Means to Be Creative in Your Everyday Life


Many of us believe there are certain people who are gifted with creativity.  We think of artists, singers, and dancers. But what if I told you we’re all creative? 

Let’s clearly define what it means to be creative. Creativity can be found in more than just artwork or a beautiful song. All expressions of life point to the importance of creativity in everyday life.  I believe that every human being is born in the image of their creator which makes us all creative!

You have to be creative to live your life well...

Whether you realise it or not, you are designed to be creative. No matter your profession, talents, or skills, your life requires a great deal of creativity.

So why is creativity important? Let’s look at some examples of creative thinking in everyday life. Our relationships require creativity. Building a great home or a great family requires creativity.

Creativity is required from the way we do our work to the way we plan a great...

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5 Strategies for Enhancing Your Personal Development

Life is filled with challenges. But it’s how you react to those challenges that make all the difference. Whether it’s at college, work or home, you will find yourself in situations where you need to adapt.

While it might not be easy, there is a way you can ensure that you are equipped to handle these situations and grow from them - through personal development.

If you’re new to personal development, here’s a quick recap on what personal development is and how it can benefit you. If not, feel free to skip ahead to our top 5 strategies for enhancing your personal development.

What is personal development?

Put simply; personal development is a process of self-improvement. Throughout life, we develop skills just by interacting with stimuli like the people and things around us. These are learned and used in our everyday lives, but by actively seeking ways to enhance these skills, you’re able to realise your full potential and set goals that will help you...

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Five Keys to a Great Mentoring Relationship


Why is Mentoring so Important?

Great mentoring is important for all of us and should benefit everyone involved in a mentorship relationship. No matter who you are or what you do, it’s important to surround yourself with people who can speak into your life, specifically if you’re looking to grow.

For leaders and organisations that are looking to grow their leadership whether personally or professionally, mentoring can be extremely beneficial. Often, what is most needed for a company or organisation to grow is for the senior staff to keep growing.

When leaders get consumed with doing at the cost of being, cracks begin to appear in their lives which can manifest in all manner of physical, psychological, and emotional glitches. Mentoring helps to perceive emerging problems, grow from them, and become better people and leaders.

Mentoring helps us to understand ourselves, which is vital in leading other people. We all have blind spots and it often takes an objective outsider...

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