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The Mentorship Group’s unique and revolutionary approach to learning and self-development uses a blend of education, daily wisdom and community to accelerate your growth.


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You will belong to a group of people from around the world who are intentional about their growth.

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Build strong relationships and meaningful connections with people who get you.

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Lifelong learning starts with small, daily changes and a willingness to grow.

The Mentorship Group is here to give you the tools to become better, one day at a time.

- Paul Scanlon

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The Mentorship Group will have a focus on these core areas of growth.


We’re all communicating daily, however most of us are doing it by default not by design. 

Great communication has to be intentionally worked on. 

I’ve been a professional communicator for decades and I want to pass onto you what I’ve learned and am still learning.


We are spiritual beings. Each one of us has a fundamental sense of connection to the divine, the eternal and the transcendent. 

We are not religious. Religion is man's attempt to tame and control our spirituality.

I want to feed your spirituality and starve religion.


The word ‘leader’ has been hijacked and become over attached to positions, roles and titles.

You are a leader, firstly and for-mostly of yourself. 

The way you lead you is the way you’ll lead others and my approach to leadership is to firstly empower the leader within you and then through you to others.

Self Education

What you want to learn rather than what someone else thinks you should learn is self education. 

Your personal development and self improvement is only as good as your commitment to your self education.

You are your most important teacher and student.

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The Mentorship Group FAQs

Meet The Mentorship Group.

Some of the tribe share from their journey so far...

Dayna - Canada.

The joy of having Paul as a mentor has truly been one of the top highlights of the past 2 years for me. I cannot more highly recommend the Mentorship Group for personal growth and development.

Dr. Guy - USA.

This has been a life-changing and transformational confirmation being a part of this group. Paul has a way of facing today's issues with principles that work in any culture. He challenges us to think out-of-the-box, solve problems that are real to us.

Zlatica - Slovakia.

Opening up my mind, discovering my blind-spots, getting to know the world behind my own. I'm grateful for this experience, opportunity and also space to evolve.

Paul - England.

One of the most helpful life building tools I've invested in. Tracking with Paul through the tribe has brought awareness in numerous areas of life. A gold mine wisdom, understanding & practical knowledge.

Rachel - USA.

Paul is one of the most authentic people. This environment is one of strength, vulnerability and compassion, with people who have a high value for personal growth and healthy relationships.

Christian - Germany.

I can highly recommend this group for someone who is looking for high-level teaching and experience along with a supportive group of like-minded individuals.