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PS. In Conversation With Ken Olin - Director & Executive Producer of THIS IS US
A behind the scenes look into working on a major tv show @NBCThisIsUs, the nuances of creativity, and not falling to the pressures of your society. Ken Olin is a Writer, Executive Producer, Director and actor who has directed many episodes of television for shows including the blockbuster TV show THIS IS US, as well as Brothers and Sisters, The West Wing, Alias and many more.
In this conversation although this was our first time speaking together Ken and I had such a great flow, he is a great guy and you are going to love this chat it was as if I was catching up with a long time friend.
Ken shares a lot about the nuances of his creative process and working as a major player in the show THIS IS US, which is one of my favourite shows so it was such a honour to speak with him about this.
He shares about how he started out, and the differences between acting and directing, working with creative people and creating a healthy work culture.
This conversation is for any who love creativity, has an interest in film and television, and great advice for working in your element and not falling to the pressures that your culture may expect from you.
Ken also is vulnerable about raising his kids as well as managing his ambitions. And some great conversation about the hidden gifts of the pandemic. Share with me on social media @PaulScanlonUK and tag in on twitter - @KenOlin1
Questions I ask Ken…
4.32 - Where did the idea of the show THIS IS US come from?
6.20 - How do you think the views perceive the show?
9.30 - Where does the sense of connectivity come from with the show? It feels like a therapy session.
13.30 - Milos character and the nuances.
15.34 - Do actors decide certain parts of a role or is that scripted?
17.58 - How did you find such an amazing cast?
20.15 - Do you think being an actor makes you a better director, if so why?
23.54 - Do you miss acting?
26.36 - A common thread in your life that you can track, that took you into this world?
31.19 - Emerging generations of wanting to work in their calling, what’s your thoughts on this?
37.08 - This is us is speaking to human needs - loneliness, depression, racism…
38.33 - How do you switch off, hobbies, interests?
42.44 - Do you enjoy being a Dad?
46.30 - Quick fire questions…
Something people often get wrong about you?
Last tv show you binged watched?
Favourite movie?
Concert or show you’ll never forget?
Favourite meal?
What books are you reading?
What would you like on your grave stone?
An ordinary moment that lights you up?
Last time you wrote a hand written note or letter?
What are you most grateful for this past year?
Let me know when you are listening/watching this conversation tag me in it @PaulScanlonUK and be sure to watch This Is Us as well as connect with Ken on twitter/instagram @KenOlin1.

Spotting Narcissism In Yourself & Others -

My 10 observations to recognise and manage it.

Narcissism is all about a false self it’s a mask that people wear which slips over time and when it does you should be paying attention. It’s the fear of appearing ordinary which drives them to exaggeration and showing off to appear extraordinary.

Don’t ever try to confront or change a narcissist it’s like trying to nail jelly to the wall. Wish them well and move away from their toxicity.


Here are my 10 signs to look out for when it comes to narcissism to avoid in others and look out for if you have them in yourself.

1. They are self obsessed, self promoting and self absorbed whilst pretending to be interested in you

2. They brainwash you to believe that you need them in your life because their life is far superior

3. They manipulate you into their version of you

4. They make you question your thoughts and decisions in favour of theirs

5. They will never respect your boundaries because they only see their own importance

6. They don’t mind ignoring shaming minimising or isolating you to serve themselves

7. They will Gaslight and marginalise you then encourage and praise you simultaneously in the hope you don’t spot the manipulation

8. They use people because their agenda and priorities are always more important

9. They need people and relationships just like the rest of us but they’re unable to see others as equals

10. They will only want you in their world if you offer them financial security, status, support their projects or just generally stroke their ego in some way.

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This podcast is about empowering you to live a bigger more influential life. Paul's unique ability to make complex things simple is a hallmark of his skill as a communicator.

His belief that it’s more important to grow people than things combined with his innate ability to walk in other peoples shoes creates a rare sense of connection with his audiences and followers.

Big people have bigger social circles and take bigger risks.
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