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Spotting Narcissism In Yourself & Others.

My 10 observations to recognise and manage it.
Narcissism is all about a false self it’s a mask that people wear which slips over time and when it does you should be paying attention.
It’s the fear of appearing ordinary which drives them to exaggeration and showing off to appear extraordinary.
Don’t ever try to confront or change a narcissist it’s like trying to nail jelly to the wall. Wish them well and move away from their toxicity.
Here are my 10 signs to look out for when it comes to narcissism to avoid in others and look out for if you have them in yourself.
1. They are self obsessed, self promoting and self absorbed whilst pretending to be interested in you.
2. They brainwash you to believe that you need them in your life because their life is far superior.
3. They manipulate you into their version of you.
4. They make you question your thoughts and decisions in favour of theirs.
5. They will never respect your boundaries because they only see their own importance.
6. They don’t mind ignoring shaming minimising or isolating you to serve themselves.
7. They will Gaslight and marginalise you then encourage and praise you simultaneously in the hope you don’t spot the manipulation.
8. They use people because their agenda and priorities are always more important.
9. They need people and relationships just like the rest of us but they’re unable to see others as equals.
10. They will only want you in their world if you offer them financial security, status, support their projects or just generally stroke their ego in some way.
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