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My Greatest Gift To You Is A Healthy Me

Your greatest gift to others is to be the healthiest version of you that you can be.I used to spend too much time working on others for me rather than working on me for them. Your personal health and well-being is the greatest gift you can give to the world.

Personal development is the hardest work you will ever do, and often the least appreciated by those close to you.

Make self improvement firstly for your own benefit then whether others notice or benefit from it at least you always will.

You can’t give away what you don’t have. You can’t sustain withdrawals others make from your life without sufficient deposits that leave you with surplus. It doesn’t work with money or love or energy or life. You can’t love your neighbour with a love you have never given to yourself.


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This podcast is about empowering you to live a bigger more influential life. Paul's unique ability to make complex things simple is a hallmark of his skill as a communicator.

His belief that it’s more important to grow people than things combined with his innate ability to walk in other peoples shoes creates a rare sense of connection with his audiences and followers.

Big people have bigger social circles and take bigger risks.
Big people think big and believe for bigger things.



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