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Growing Big People.

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What you'll learn?

  • How to develop a growth mindset.
  • Overcome negative beliefs and biases holding you back.
  • Be an impactful influencer who inspires growth and progression.

Who is this course for? 

  • Anyone interested in helping yourself and others reach their full potential.
  • Leaders, managers, company owners or people who aspire to influence and inspire others.

Session Topics - 

  • Top 10 Observations Of Growing People 

    In this first section I give an introduction to the course as well as a breakdown of what I consider to be the top ten qualities in a growing person.

    The Crisis of Human Flourishing

    Human resources are like natural resources, they are buried deep down and are expensive to reach.

    That expense and effort is why most of us live our lives never knowing what lies buried within us. I want to explain why this crisis exists and how to overcome it.

    Reprogramming Our Belief System 

    The greatest blockage to personal growth is our inner belief systems. Most of us are totally unaware of our belief systems or where they came from.
    I will explain this massive blockage within each of us and how to reprogram it.

    Becoming The Next You

    Growing people will always experience self re-invention and far more frequently than most. Growing people are not the same person throughout their life but failure to understand this makes us vulnerable in between our last and next you.

    It is crucial in these seasons of re invention and transition to navigate our way to who we are becoming really well. I want to coach you towards the next you.

    What's Included?
  • Lifetime access
  • 8x videos (approx 3hrs)
  • 8x audio files
  • Download workbook

From Paul: “Growing people has been my passion for over 30 years.

That passion is rooted in the belief that there is huge potential and even greatness laying dormant in most people’s lives. Without a coach a mentor or champion most people live all their lives never realising their incredible value.

Growing Big People is a brief but power packed seminar where I condense my 30 years of growing people down to four major discoveries.

What People Are Saying:

It has encouraged me to keep going on the journey (post-cocoon, not yet a butterfly...). I have found myself mulling on the ‘crisis in flourishing’ and about ingrained beliefs at the personal and macro level; challenging my own beliefs and what to do when spotting prejudice elsewhere. This has given me language and concepts to describe what I have been experiencing.

Debra C.

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Took full notes. Impact TBC – depends on how well I embed/use some of the things I have learnt.

Derrick W.

Wow, hard to say as I have so many notes. The content was all very good, with lot’s to digest. The piece around the education system was great and challenging as we have two children in primary school, the section around keep changing and evolving was great, belief system, process before the event etc. All very good.

Nathan F.