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Ageing Well: Relationally

They say that we are the sum total of those we do life with, I’m not sure about that but I am sure that being unintentional about relationships isn’t good for Ageing Well..

What's included:

18 videos (approx 2.5hrs) Lifetime access.

Layer One: Relationships Are Spatial

Everybody has a certain space in your life and the challenge is to match people and spaces in a way that is a win for you and them.

▶ Every Person Belongs In A Space  [16:21]

▶ Be Your Own Best Friend [12:03]

▶ Control Your People Dosage [02:38]

▶ Some People You Should Never Be Alone With [06:37]

▶ Don't Let Feeling Lonely Make The Wrong People Come To Close [03:56]

Layer Two: Manage Expectations

If you don’t manage your expectations of people then you will end up managing your disappointments of people, and constant disappointments are ageing. 

▶ If You Don't Manage Expectations, You Will Manage Your Disappointments  [08:45]

▶ Become Skilful At People Leaving  [08:26]

▶ You Are A Perfectly Functioning Human  [07:11]

▶ Yourself And Your Services Are Not The Same Thing  [09:26]

▶ Space From People  [03:35]

▶ Let Go Of Being Liked  [07:14]

▶ Be Kind  [13:20]

▶ Pick Your Battles Carefully  [04:15]

▶ You Never Look Good Making Someone Else Look Bad  [05:23]

▶ Tyranny Is The Deliberate Removal Of Nuance  [11:53]

Layer Three: Finding Your Peloton

Everyone needs to find their Peloton, their team, tribe, pack, platoon and posse.

▶ Everyone Needs A Peloton In Life  [18:45]

▶ Plus +, Minus -, And An Equal =  [09:44]

▶ Domestiques  [14:29]