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Ageing Well: Emotionally

Emotions and feelings are worn, carried and expressed through our bodies and sadly most humans are totally unaware of the huge cost of toxic emotions in the ageing well process.

What's included:

15 videos (approx 2.5hrs) Lifetime access.

Layer One: Develop Self Awareness

Without self awareness we cannot change our own inner narrative that is often telling us a story that fosters decay and decline.

▶ What Would I Say To A Younger Me? [18:20]

▶ Emotional Intelligence [05:08]

▶ Happiness Is An Inside Job [05:28]

▶ Existence Preceded Conception [12:04]

▶ You Are Not An Extra In Someone Else’s Movie  [06.04]

Layer Two: Develop A Healthy Soul

The human soul is the seat of our consciousness and yet most humans don’t know that.

▶ How Healthy Is Your Soul?  [24:58]

▶ The Ego  [11.19]

▶ Emotional Literacy  [09:19]

▶ Find Out What Your Soul Loves & Give It More  [09:27]

▶ What You Can't Afford To Carry  [04:21]

▶ Achievement & Fulfilment  [03:36]

▶ Develop Empathy  [04:15]

▶ Pain Management [14:50]

Layer Three: Reduce Drama

Drama takes a costly toll on your emotional life, it’s a thief and it depletes us of peace and wellbeing. “Drama will age you before your time.”

▶ Drama Will Age You Before Your Time  [11:25]

▶ High Maintenance People  [05:14]