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Becoming Fluent In Human


  • Tuesday 17th Of September 2024 
  • Doors 930 to 330pm - with Q&A
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  • This event will be for a limited number of people.

Location: 55 Broadway, New York, NY 10006, United States 

You're invited to Paul Scanlon's 7 Levels Of Authentic Communication. 

Anything authentic is by definition more difficult to access, because authenticity is so elusive for most of us. 

When it comes to communication we’re all looking for authentic voices, voices we can trust because they appeal to our own sense of search for authenticity.

Your authenticity in communication must be a non negotiable because without it you are highly forgettable, disconnected and irrelevant. 

In the Seven Levels Of Authentic Communication I will show you from my own experience of 45 years of public speaking how and why this matters now more than ever.


1: Who Are You? - Awakening, authenticity and personal reinvention 

2: Self Awareness Is A Non Negotiable. 

3: Skilful Disruption.

4: Energy doesn’t lie, what’s yours saying? 

5: Vulnerability: why we love and hate it.

6: Deliver Your Calling, Not Your Content.

7: The Metrics Of Being Memorable.*

*This session will include Q&A

Overview - 

1: Who Are You? Awakening, authenticity and personal reinvention. 

It’s more important that you know who you are more than we do. 

Authentic communication is impossible if you’re confused about your identity. 

Who you are at this stage and even this moment of your life is who we want to hear from. 

It may be an old subject you're speaking on, but as long as it’s not an old you speaking, then you’ll have our attention. 

The most up to date you is the most authentic you. 

2: Self Awareness Is A Non Negotiable. 

How aware are you of yourself and how aware are you of how others experience that self? 

Without self awareness you are oblivious to your own disconnect and irrelevance. 

The best human experience is a self aware one, and humans are the only species on the planet with the phenomenal gift of self awareness. 

A self aware communicator makes us feel safe, seen and known, just enough to gain access to our own flawed narratives, and invite us to a higher consciousness. 

3: Skilful Disruption. 

To keep growing we all need to be disrupted but we don’t necessarily know how to do it or in what areas we most need it. 

Clumsy confrontational disruption does more harm than good but the best communicators are so skillful in disruption that they make us feel like change was our idea. 

If you don’t disrupt us you leave us comfortable and unchanged. 

4: Energy Doesn’t Lie, What’s Yours Saying? 

Your energy is speaking far louder than your words. 

Energy causes response and movement and lasts far longer than words. 

We don’t even consider the energy with which we communicate, it’s virtually undiscovered, but energy is life and that life is in the power of the tongue. 

Accidental energy is no longer sufficient, it must and can be intentional and deliberate. 

5: Vulnerability: Why We Love & Hate It. 

I think we all have a love hate relationship with vulnerability, especially men. 

The best communicators are appropriately vulnerable but don’t explain how they get that balance right. How do you measure vulnerability?

 What’s enough or too much? 

What if I overshare and what if my vulnerability makes people feel unsafe and uncomfortable? 

It’s a tricky area but one we must master if we want to be loved and respected as communicators. 

6: Deliver Your Calling Not Your Content.

It’s taken me years to understand this profound truth. 

All the power, energy and authenticity are in your calling, not your content. 

The problem is that we are much more familiar with our content than our calling. 

We deliver our topics and ideas but not the reason why they matter so much to us or why they should matter to them. 

It’s your calling that makes them matter and it’s your calling that imprints on us not your content. 

7: The Metrics Of Being Memorable.

Why are so many speakers so forgettable? 

The answer is because they don’t know how to be memorable and don’t understand the nature of influence and how it works. 

Influence is the worlds primary currency and if you’re not trading in it you’re attached to an old system. Influence is the accumulation of social capital and the amount you have is what makes you memorable.

The last session includes Q&A.


I hope this gives you some brief insight about why I’m offering this exclusive opportunity to a few of you.

Hope to see you there!

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