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This course distils my 60+ years of ageing well into a concise but impactful video series that dissects the five core aspects: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Relational & Generational. 

Become someone who loves how you look and feel as you age. Take control of your emotions with each year. Learn who to develop the right relationships with. Learn what it means to create a legacy for those you love the most.

What's Included?

  • 65 videos (broken into 5 sections)
  • 12 hours video & audio 
  • Workbooks & Ebooks
  • BONUS: Free 1 hour webinar on Ageing Well
  • Lifetime access

In this course you will learn:

  • The 5 core insights to ageing well (which are each broken down into three components)
  • How to serve your mind, body, spirit and soul as you mature and age. 
  • To understand how tightly bound your internal world is to your external experience and how to make the most out of this connection.
  • The beauty of living life to its fullest even in old age.
  • How to navigate and not negotiate on the state of your mental, physical and emotional health. 
  • To become more conscious of the way you live your life and live in a way that brings out the best in yourself and other people. 
  • How to reclaim your youthful drive and excitement for life. 
  • Why ageing well matters for you, the people around you and the world as a whole. 

Who this course is for: 

  • Those who want to ensure every part of themselves and their lives flourish every year. 
  • Those wanting to reclaim the spark and ambition they had in their youth to ensure they make the most out of the life they’ve got left. 
  • Those wishing to leave an impactful legacy to those they love. 

75% OFF NOW £73.75

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