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We must design the kind of life we want because nobody dies of old age, we die because of decay, Ageing is inevitable but decay is not, let me show you how...

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PLATINUM: Self Awareness Made Simple

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The development of self-awareness has been the single biggest game-changer for my life, but it should have been far easier to find and benefit from than it has been.

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20 videos (Five hours) drip fed access to coincide with coaching.

✔ Audio Download x 20 (approx. 5 hrs)

✔ 5 Workbooks

✔ Assessments


✔ 4 x LIVE group coaching with Paul

- these will happen via Zoom, you will be sent further details about accessing these, including instant replay. 

✔ Free Webinar replay - Breaking The Self Awareness Barrier

✔ My Self Awareness Life Hacks pdf

Session overview - 

  • Introduction (2 videos)
  • What Is Self Awareness (3 videos)
  • The Difference Between... (4 videos)
  • Two Kinds Of Self Awareness (3 videos)
  • How To Develop Self Awareness (6 videos)
  • Q&A (2 videos)

About the course - 

S1 - What is Self Awareness

My simple definition of self-awareness is the ability to think about yourself and how and why you think that way. It is the gift of self knowledge which becomes knowing yourself. 

 S2 - The Difference Between Self Consciousness and Self Awareness

Many of us think that these two things are the same, and that’s why more of us think we’re self-aware than are.

You will be self-conscious without even trying, but to be self aware requires intentionality and effort.

S3 - Two Kinds Of Self Awareness

There are two kinds of self-awareness: internal self-awareness and external self-awareness. Having one doesn’t mean you automatically have the other. 

To be aware of yourself also doesn’t mean you’re aware of how you come across to others.

S4 - How To Develop Self Awareness

This section is where we get really uncomfortable and practical.

Self-awareness doesn’t improve with age or experience, it has to be worked at daily. It is development requires humility and vulnerability, two things we humans find very difficult.