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Ageing Well: Physically

Ageing well physically is hugely undervalued and taking care of yourself physically must be intentional.

What's included:

8 videos (approx 2hrs) Lifetime access.

Layer One: Eat, Look, Spend, Own

Ageing Well physically is as much to do with taking pride in your appearance, living on less money and decluttering your life of excess stuff as it is anything else.

▶ Eating Well  [14:38]

▶ Exercise [19.42]

▶ Appearance [24.38]

▶ Money [39.11]

▶ Tyranny Of Things Pt. 1  [06.51]

▶ Tyranny Of Things Pt. 2  [13.02]

Layer Two: Do What You Love

You can’t do a job or work you hate or even tolerate for years and it not make
you physically ill. Doing what you love for a living is a huge missing key to
ageing well physically.

▶ Do What You Love  [17.13]

Layer Three: PLAY

“We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing.”
I discovered the importance of play when i had grandchildren because they teach you to play again in mid life.

▶ Play  [10.54]