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PS. 365 Journal

A Journal To Simplify, Elevate & Align Your Life.

Only: £8.99

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PS. 365 is a downloadable, undated journal.

  • 365 captured thoughts to empower your every day. 
  • 365 Questions to prompt deeper reflection.
  • Monthly reflection questions. 
  • Habit tracker.

I want this journal to become an additional element to your ongoing self investment.

This journal has 7 main focuses - 

Mentorship Monday

My Monday thoughts will be speaking to you as if I was mentoring you for a few minutes every Monday where I have chosen short sharp inspirational thoughts and ideas to set you up to win in your week ahead. 

Turnaround Tuesday 

I’m a huge believer in the possibility and power of experiencing turnarounds in your life. 

I’m aware that turnarounds are far more to do with renewed thinking and directional adjustments than they are with any kind of divine intervention, though I’m all for that too. 

Every Tuesday I’ll be sharing ideas that I know will assist you in any kind of turnaround you need in your life. 

Wisdom Wednesday 

King Solomon said “by wisdom a house is built” and he should know because he was the wisest man who ever lived. 

Every Wednesday I’ll be dropping some hard earned wisdom bombs that will hopefully help you to build firstly both your internal house and secondly any other kind of “house” that your working on in your life, business and general endeavours. 

Transition Thursday 

I’ve been a student of transition virtually all my life. 

This interest I’ve had in life’s transitions came about because of my own bouts of stuckness that no one seemed to have language for. 

I eventually realised that we have no language for what I call the 5th season or the season between seasons, called the season of transition. 

It’s been a privilege to be many people's transition coach over the last forty years. 

More humans are lost and stay stuck in this season than any other stage of life. 

So, every Thursday I’ll be putting on my transition coach hat, sitting down with you and helping you navigate your hugely important transition moments. 

Freedom Friday 

The liberation and freedom of the human heart has been at the core of my calling and purpose for over fifty years. 

Every Friday I’m going to be injecting you with a dose of freedom and empowerment to make sure you live and stay free of the many freedom stealers and jailers out there. 

Self Care Saturday 

Saturdays are going to be my self care reminder days for you. 

I’ve been a late arriver at the self care party but once I eventually accepted the invite I’ve never left. Your own care of you is paramount and nobody tells us that. 

The practice of self care and self love are all too often viewed as some kind of self indulgent pampering session which strong people shouldn’t need, but nothing could be further from the truth. 

Your mental and emotional health are your Number 1 priority, so let’s meet here every Saturday for you check in with yourself. 

Soulful Sunday 

Your soul is the essence of your identity and humanity and yet probably the least understood and most neglecting part of you. 

Soulful Sundays are my way of reminding you and showing you how to live less from your ego and more from your soul. 

I want you to find out what your soul loves and do more of whatever it is that lights you up.