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3 online courses by PS.


What you'll get:


WAS £200 NOW ONLY £160.00

Each courses is 3 hours and they all include video, audio and workbooks. 

More about Prosperity of the Soul - 

Session overview - 

  • What Is The Soul?
  • Our Three Natures
  • Soul Curation
  • Six Basic Human Needs
  • Q&A 

What's included? 

8x videos (approx 3 hours)
8x audio files (approx 3 hours)
1x PDF Q&A Workbook

From Paul: There are over 7 billion humans on this beautiful planet, most of us living our lives from the OUTSIDE IN. We live more conscious of the physical and material world than we do of our internal spiritual ecosystem.

The world has never been more prosperous, educated or connected. Our advances in technology and medicine are unparalleled and yet despite that we have never been sicker, lonelier, nor more depressed and suicidal.

This is a seminar devoted to the care and cultivation of the soul, it is dedicated to the restoration of the best parts of our humanity. 

Over the three hours we shall examine the essence of personhood, identity and the curation of a healthy soul.  We have entered the AGE OF HUMAN FLOURISHING and the prosperity of the soul is part of my investment into it and you.

More about Servant Leadership - 

Session overview - 

  • An idea whose time has come
  • Loss of Community 
  • Rise of mega institutions 
  • Dominance through external power 
  • A broken education system 

What's included? 

10x videos (approx 3 hours)
10x audio (approx. 3 hours)
1x PDF Q&A Workbook

Note: This product is digital only

From Paul: “I’m thrilled to be releasing my SERVANT LEADERSHIP video course. I’ve never known a time at both the macro global level and the micro daily customer service level where an issue has ever been more pervasive.

We are experiencing a global revolution against all forms of non servant leadership and i for one am happy to be a part of it. We are sick and tired of a world that for generations has kept promoting people into leadership roles who were never servants in the first place.

You can bolt leadership onto servanthood later, but you can’t bolt servanthood onto leadership later. We want to be led by people who lead as they would want to be led, and serve as they’d want to be served. This video series has been a huge labour of love and it is my contribution to this massive human need that we all have of feeling appreciated and served by those who lead us.

More about Growing Big People - 

Session Overview - 

  • Top 10 observations of growing people 
  • Crisis of Human Flourishing
  • Reprogramming Our Belief System 
  • Becoming The Next You

What's Included?

8x videos (approx 15-30min each)
8x audio files
1x PDF Q&A Workbook

From Paul: “Growing people has been my passion for over 30 years.

That passion is rooted in the belief that there is huge potential and even greatness laying dormant in most people’s lives. Without a coach a mentor or champion most people live all their lives never realising their incredible value.

Growing Big People is a brief but power packed seminar where I condense my 30 years of growing people down to four major discoveries.