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Self Awareness Made Simple 50% OFF

 The development of self-awareness has been the single biggest game-changer for my life, but it should have been far easier to find and benefit from than it has been.


20 videos (Five hours) From my 20+ years being a student of Self Awareness. You will have instant access to these videos. 


✔ My Self Awareness Life Hacks

Inside access to 5 of Paul's personal top self awareness life hacks pdf.

✔ Workbooks x 5
This accompanying workbook will help you highlight and emphasise your favourite takeaways to track your development throughout.

Session overview - 

  • Introduction (2 videos)
  • What Is Self Awareness (3 videos)
  • The Difference Between... (4 videos)
  • Two Kinds Of Self Awareness (3 videos)
  • How To Develop Self Awareness (6 videos)
  • Q&A (2 videos)


About the course - 

S1 - What is Self Awareness

My simple definition of self-awareness is the ability to think about yourself and how and why you think that way. It is the gift of self knowledge which becomes knowing yourself. 

 S2 - The Difference Between Self Consciousness and Self Awareness

Many of us think that these two things are the same, and that’s why more of us think we’re self-aware than are.

You will be self-conscious without even trying, but to be self aware requires intentionality and effort.

S3 - Two Kinds Of Self Awareness

There are two kinds of self-awareness: internal self-awareness and external self-awareness. Having one doesn’t mean you automatically have the other. 

To be aware of yourself also doesn’t mean you’re aware of how you come across to others.

S4 - How To Develop Self Awareness

This section is where we get really uncomfortable and practical.

Self-awareness doesn’t improve with age or experience, it has to be worked at daily. It is development requires humility and vulnerability, two things we humans find very difficult.