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50% Off: Biggest Public Speaking Mistakes

WAS £24.99 NOW £12.50!


In this two hour course, Paul shares all the inevitable and avoidable mistakes he has made throughout his over 35+ year long career as a speaker and shares with you how to amend or avoid these mistakes altogether to become an impactful speaker who connects organically with people from all walks of life.

This series focuses on how you can create a sustainable, long-running career as a public speaker by providing solutions to the most challenging aspects of the job, from cognitive biases to receiving feedback, being disliked, managing emotional investments and outgrowing your audience.

Paul shares 30 speaking mistakes including...

+ Don't Fear Being Marmite.

+  Speak to the Back Row, Not Just the Front.

+ Wear Your Own Armour. 

+ Pausing is Power. Use it.

+ Don’t try to be funny, friendly or relevant.

+ Stop Caring Too Much.

+++ and many more!

What's Included?

31 x videos of My Biggest Public Speaking Mistakes.

2.5hrs of audio and video.