I'm Moving, Who's Coming?

Less Crowd, More Community.

Free Gathering: Thursday 16th Sept: 10am & 4pm UK* 
I'll Be There!

When it comes to real estate they say that

location is everything,

it’s no different with your online address.

I’m inviting you to join me at a piece of online prime real estate called THE MENTORSHIP GROUP. 

This is my new free online community that I’m launching through this webinar.

Yes, I'm All In!


  • You’ll be able to turn down the noise of online madness and turn up the volume of the voices you actually want to hear. 
  • Enjoy a community of like minded people without the interference of algorithms. 
  • Be in a safer place free from social media trolls and bullies, because my community will be ‘gated’ and protected. 
  • You will be amongst good humans, because everyone who moves here will have to choose to do so. 
  • You'll be part of my online private members community, or the ‘new churches’ as I call them. Where your identity and belonging can flourish amongst like minded people.

You're Invited!

I'm Moving, Who's Coming?

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Are you coming to my house warming party?

Don't miss out on this 1hr zoom gathering to see where Paul Scanlon is going and how you can come!

You Are Our Tribe!